Coming September 22, 2020
The prequel to The Samurai's Heart. 
The Samurai's Honor


Himeji, Japan - 1577

Younger daughter of the area’s most prominent swordsmith, Sen’s life is marked with jealousy, curiosity, and love. Jealousy that her older sister, Haru, gets to marry her father’s handsome apprentice. Curiosity about her father’s important customers. Love from a family that is planning her next step to adulthood.    

But when a high-ranking samurai visits her father to order a sword, Sen’s curiosity gets the best of her. She and her sister find themselves eyewitnesses to a murder and on the cusp of a plot that seeks the samurai’s demise.

Will Sen’s curiosity lead to her own death?

The Samurai's Heart


Himeji, Japan - 1587


Imagine you're in medieval Japan where your duty to faith can get you killed...or worse.

With the death of her older sister and sole sibling, Sen must return home and find a husband to marry into the family swordsmith business. Failure ensures her family's craft, honed through generations, will die. Her father's handsome apprentice, Nobuhiro, would seem the ideal choice for a husband and her parents press the issue.  Sen rejects this offer as she wants a Christian husband, difficult as the religion is banned. Eschewing her parents' advice, Sen decides to seek out local Christians to find a suitable match.

The prodigal third son of a high-level samurai, Nobuhiro seeks to prove his worth to his harsh father by becoming a great swordsmith. But when his master's daughter begins seeking local Christians, he finds he must protect her from the group of anti-Christians that killed her sister. Despite his growing attraction to her, he believes her devotion to her faith reckless. Yet failure to protect her dooms the family he serves. And falling for a Christian dooms reconciliation with his own father, who must enforce the ban.

Will faith forge love or will it forge death?


"A vivid tale of 16th Century Japan. Saturated with historical detail, The Samurai's Heart is a timeless story of love, loyalty and faith."  - New York Times bestselling author Tosca Lee

"Walt Mussell has penned a stunning story of action and adventure, romance and heartbreak, inspiration and intrigue. The Samurai's Heart is a beautiful tale that will sweep you into its pages and hold you rapt until the very last sentence." - Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh


"Walt Mussell's beautifully crafted story breaks the mold for a romantic adventure, spinning an emotional journey of love and faith put to the test in historic Japan ... and leaves you wanting more. Thankfully, this is only the first book." - New York Times bestselling author Dianna Love


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