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Sometimes You Have To Hit "Publish"

The daruma above represents the culmination of a long-held dream. The dream of being a published author.

One of the odd things I learned in trying to become an author is that every time I look at my novel, my short story, or whatever I’m working on, I end up wanting to make a change. I’ll phrase things in my head and then say them out loud. I’ll try what I’ve written in several different ways until I figure out what sounds best. The new result is always fine.

Until I go over it again.

At some point, I can’t go over it any more. I just have hit the “send’ button. Else, I would never get published.

I’m beginning to think having a website may be the same thing.

This website went live earlier this month. After a nerve-wracking time, I hit the button for “Publish” and put it live on the web. I then sought a few opinions, made changes, based on those opinions, and then I hit the “Publish” button again.

And then again.

And again.

And then someone pointed out that my website, which looks good on a desktop, comes out messed up on a phone. I went back and changed the font to something that’s supposed to look good on a mobile device. I then tried rearranging the presentations. I finally figured out that I could modify the mobile device without messing up the website. I thought I was done. I hit “Publish.”

I then realized I had to rewrite certain sections to make it fit both the desktop and the website. I hit “Publish.”

And then hit “Publish” again.

Hopefully, by now, I’ve gotten the initial kinks out of this site. I’ll always try to make it better.

If you see something askew, please let me know. 😊


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