The Path to Silence: Japan's Christian Century and Beyond

In researching the novel, The Samurai's Heart, Walt amassed a lot of information on Japan's Christian Century, the period of time from 1549 - 1650. Walt put together a presentation on Christian missionary efforts in medieval Japan. If you're interested, please contact him via this website. There is no charge for the presentation, as this is a mission for him, but gas money is appreciated. Check out the YouTube links below.

08/15/20 - Japanese Christian History Presentation - Now on YouTube
Check out my YouTube channel for a presentation of Japan's Christian history. Click here or on the links below to check them out and subscribe to my channel. 
Part I - 1549 - 1582 - Click here.
Part II - 1582 - 1598 - Click here.
Part III - 1598 - 1620s - Click here.
Part IV - 1620s - 1640s - Click here.
Part V - 1640s - 1890s - Click here.